Kitsch Itch Toys

The UK's home to retro and vintage toys

Who We Are

Kitsch Itch Toys is founded on the idea of bringing all the classic and collectible toylines from the last forty years. If you are a fan of He-Man or the Power Rangers or Bravestarr this is the store for you. It has been founded by toy collectors for toy collectors. 

We are a customer focused company that would love to hear from its customers on any topic relating to this field and we are also including a section on this site dedicated to other fun activities that go along with collecting, including video reviews, fanfiction, podcasts and many other activities indulged in by the fandom communities. If anyone wishes to contribute feel free to get in touch.

Here at Kitsch Itch Toys we are focused on providing  exceptional customer services, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations, but the stock will always be in limited numbers and we can never guarantee anything will come back. Buy quick to avoid disappointment.  

On the flip side to that of course is that you never know what other new and exciting things will be coming into stock so make sure to keep checking back for new updates to our website. There‚Äôs much more to come!